We locate multi-family residential deals in the emerging markets of the US. We secure them under contract, then structure the value add for the best return. We raise the funds for the deal, close on the property, provide a safer, better return on the money invested, and have a planned exit strategy for maximum return.

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Sell it to us! We work directly with overstressed landlords, brokers looking to close a deal, and all other interested parties looking to get their property SOLD! We have the experience to make a smooth sale fast and easy for you. And if we do not decide to buy your property ourselves, we have many investors lined up and ready to work with us. So we can help you solve your real estate headache and put money in your pocket fast.

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Invest with us! Let us show you how we can work together to create income streams that can last a lifetime and beyond. Through commercial real estate investments you can generate return on investment that is better than most investment vehicles. Utilizing your retirement funds is a great way to maximize what your dollars are earning for you. We are looking to build ongoing relationships that will be profitable for everyone involved.

Leasing a Property?

We can help you! We are a full service short term rental facilitator. If you are a landlord and you want a solid tenant in place, RENT TO US! We will be your best tenant ever.

-Who would be staying in my property? Out of state business and leisure travelers who are seeking something different, choose FAIR WINDS IG. Our average member earns more than $75,000 annually, is prescreened for identification, and provides a deposit prior to their visit.  They are adults, pet free, non-smokers, and typically stay for 1-3 nights.

-Is there any charge for working with you? There are no fees, charges or hidden costs whatsoever for allowing FAIR WINDS IG to lease your property. We sign a 6 or 12 month lease, and provide a deposit, just as any other tenant would.

-What are some advantages to working with FAIR WINDS IG? First, we offer free keyless entry so that only property owners have a key to their property. This also ensures that guests have access only for the nights they’re booked to stay. Secondly, after every guest, your property is cleaned to the highest standards by a professional cleaning company.

Here are some things we offer that the typical renter does not:

1. Daily/Weekly Professional Cleanings

2. Pet Free And Smoke Free Environment

3. Little Or No Use Of Applaiances

4. Less Water Use

5. Lower Wear And Tear

6. Minor Maintenance Covered

7. Automatic Monthly Rental Payments

8. Fully Insured For Damage And Liability

-What if I find that I do not like having short term renters on my property? We here at FAIR WINDS IG believe in the WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN philosophy. If it does not serve our landlord partners, our guests, our service providers, and ourselves, to the highest and best for everyone involved, we would rather not do it at all. You are free to cancel the lease with a 60 day notice at any time and we part ways amicably.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you and developing a mutually beneficial relationship. We can be reached anytime at (213) 261-5455.

Thanks for considering FAIR WINDS IG!

“Both units were treated with the utmost of care & kept in wonderful condition. Since this building was built in 1933 he’s always been conscious of what it takes to live in such a classic structure. He’s lived up to his requirements for paying his rent & has not been a burden to either management nor his fellow tenants.”       -Scott Casperson