About Us

Fair Winds Investment Group
is a private multi-family investment company. We specialize in finding under valued residential multi-family properties in emerging markets across the US.

We team up with investors to purchase these properties and increase the cash flow and overall value of the properties. Creating a solid residual income stream that puts our investments on auto pilot and gives you the peace of mind to help you live the life you dream of.

By doing all this, money invested is much safer than in single family homes, the stock market, and just about any other vehicle that yields a decent return. All of this is done without you lifting a hammer or fixing a toilet.

                                  “Mr. Spencer and his group present the industry experience and financial strength to comfortably acquire and operate multifamily assets in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac SBL space. They have demonstrated the ability to create value & appreciation in multifamily assets in various markets across the U.S. I am confident that Mr. Spencer will continue to uphold the same level of integrity & professionalism going forward and I value the opportunity to do business with him in the future.”                                                                                    – Eric Stuart, Atlantic Business Capital, Inc.

chillinAt Fair Winds Investment Group, we locate properties in up and coming markets, raise the capital, purchase the properties, improve them wherever possible, and put solid management in place. Once the properties are sailing along, we craft our exit strategies to maximize profits. We then start the process again on another property to keep the returns flowing. Without you having to keep rowing.

Spike Spencer, CEO, Owner


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Spike Spencer, has been investing in real estate since the mid 90’s. He has extensive experience in all facets of purchasing, selling, rehabbing for value add, management, and creative strategies for maximizing profit upon exit. Spike is actively seeking out under valued properties in emerging markets all across the US to add to our portfolio. An Alumni of the University of Houston, Spike has spoken on real estate investment and has been a public speaker for Fortune 500 companies.