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We are a private real estate group searching for multi family opportunities in emerging markets across the US. We typically give our investors a higher return than they can find in other investment vehicles.

In 2008 a giant house of cards collapsed. For years Fannie Mae had been making more and more risky loans to people who were less than able to make their payments. What followed when it all came crashing down were markets cut almost in half, retirement funds decimated, and home prices across the country plummeting.

If you were someone, like so many, heavily invested in single family homes, you were in trouble. You lost most of the value of your investment, and possibly went bankrupt. Not to mention the ongoing headache of dealing with tenants who were losing their jobs, and their ability to pay your rent.

When they lost their ability to pay the rent on a single family home, they moved into apartments. If you only owned those single family homes, they were not moving into your properties. But they were moving into ours.Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 9.24.33 AM

Think of the math. If you have one single family home with one renter paying the bills, what happens when they no longer pay? You have a 100% vacancy rate. And the eviction process is long and difficult and costs you each month.

Now imagine you have invested in a 20 unit property. When a tenant can’t pay and has to leave, you still have 19 other renters covering your bills. And all your money is backed up by an actual property you can see, touch, and feel. And insure! That gives you much greater leverage and peace of mind knowing that your investments are much safer than in a volatile stock market or risky single family investments. Now imagine your leverage if you owned 100, 500, or even 1000 units.

Contact us and see how you can get a greater return on a safer investment and keep that investment increasing in value for a lifetime.